No distractions

It’s Monday morning. The house is very quiet and I have completed every domestic chore I can think of – ironing, washing, cleaning, mopping the floor, walking the dog. I don’t even have a dog. Note to self: get a dog. Now, I’m ready to write. Novel Number Two. N#2. I’ve given myself three months to complete the first draft.

But now I’m writing this, and this isn’t the novel at all.

I have to get better at this discipline-thing. Last month I had a job and a regular income. Now I don’t. I know. I know. Let’s call it a social experiment; a period of no distractions. Write, write, write. The house is really tidy, by the way.

Discipline and routine, that’s what’s needed. A regular routine. A disciplined regular routine. Of Writing. A disciplined regular writing routine. A regime. A disciplined regular writing routine regime. Regimented. A disciplined regimented regular… did I mention that I’ve almost mastered The Bear Dance on the ukulele? I mean I can get through it. Sometimes. Slowly. If no-one’s listening.

Okay. Enough. Come on, James. Game On. If you’re going to be a professional, you’ve got to be professional. You can do this.

Here we go. The novel.

Hey, the postman’s just come. Excellent.



About James Ellis

James is a freelance writer and editor. He is the author of two novels, The Wrong Story and An Other’s Look (which is in the process of being published). He is currently working on my third novel. In addition to his own creative writing, James provides one-on-one structural and developmental mentoring for fiction writers, and develops and facilitates creative writing workshops.
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