Please vote on the 23rd

It would have been lovely, wouldn’t it, if we’d been able to have an inclusive debate in which the pros and cons of remaining in, or exiting from, the European Union were aired and discussed and respected?

But we didn’t.

Instead we have had a highly polarised, venomous argument in which political leaders, elected and unelected, have thrown their weight about and dominated the debate, and left me feeling that the last few weeks have been more about their career aspirations than any consideration for what is good for the British people, and for the people of other countries. Which is a shame because this vote is much more important than any politician’s career, and it is much more important than any general election.

This vote is about us: the populace, the masses, the multitude. And ironically, the nasty nature of the arguments has elevated the debate from a pragmatic question of sovereignty and economics, to something far more reflective.It has become an act of defining ourselves, our country and our continent. And it is as much a vote for our children and grandchildren as it is for ourselves because we are deciding on the type of country and world in which they will live for many years to come.

So no matter how disenchanted you might feel by this whole process, and how weary you might be when trying to find objective facts on which to base an opinion, and how nauseous you become every time you hear the same old rhetoric, please hang in there and make the effort to vote on the 23rd, wherever you intend to put your X. Because if ever there was a decision to be made in which every vote will count, then it is this one.

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