The non-writerly things I burble about…

Kumi’s Cake shortlisted

My short story, Kumi’s Cake, was shortlisted for the 2020 Bridport Prize International Short Story Competition and I am still amazed, overjoyed and dumbstruck in equal measure (if you can imagine that expression, please send me a drawing). I’ve been… Read More ›

#LockdownLit: The Beast

Before dishwashers became a standard feature in most people’s kitchens, every town had at least one crockery cleaning kiosk located near a car-park or taxi rank, or within easy reach of public transport. In those days it was common during… Read More ›

A bone is born

I’ve broken my elbow. To be precise, I’ve fractured it. To be utterly accurate, the end of my funny bone has been chipped off. I’ll leave the gags to you. I was knocked over by a group of charging youths… Read More ›