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“I have wanted to be on the pen side of the page since I first went to primary school and saw Hergé’s The Crab With The Golden Claws on a stand in the library. I knew then that whatever grown-up occupation had created such a wonderful thing, I wanted to be a part of it…” James Ellis.


  • The Wrong Story”. Unbound. March, 2017. Print and Digital. ISBN-13: 978-1911586111
  • Happy Family”. Unbound. February 2020. Print and Digital. ISBN-13: 978-1789650518

Children’s stories

  • Mr Frogg Goes To Work: A reading together book for grown-ups and children aged 4 to 6″. Amazon KDP. December, 2018. Digital. (written under the pen name: Oliver Billingsgate)


  • “Death by Contract”. Freelance & Business Informer. August 1991. Print.
  • “Early Days”.
    • Stories From Rattle Tales Brighton Prize 2017. April 2018. Print (ISBN: 978-0-9932080-6-5).
    • Not In The Plan. Carers UK. November, 2017. Print (ISBN: 978-1-5272-1729-4).
  • “The Beast”. BFS Horizons 6. The British Fantasy Society. March 2018. Print.
  • The Fire-Diver’s Assistant”.
    • Rattle Tales 4. Rattle Tales Ltd. June, 2016. Print (ISBN: 978-0-9932080-2-7).
    • London Journal of Fiction. March, 2016. Web.
    • Rattle Tales; Brighton Festival Fringe.  May, 2015. Live reading.
  • The Therapist”.
    • Rattle Tales 4. Rattle Tales Ltd. June, 2016. Print (ISBN: 978-0-9932080-2-7).
    • No One Should Have To Care Alone. Carers UK. March, 2016. Print (ISBN: 978-1-873747-53-7).
    • The Pygmy Giant. September, 2015. Web. Read it here.


  • A Rare Bird”. The Pygmy Giant. December, 2015. Web. Read it here.
  • Connor And His Amazing Ejector Boots
    • Future Shock anthology. Retreat West Books. September, 2019. Print (ISBN 978-1916069367).
    • Carer’s UK – poem-a-thon.  June, 2018. Live reading.
  • “Murder Most Kind”.
    • 101 Words Short Stories. 21 May, 2018. Web. Read it here.
    • Ad Hoc Fiction. Issue 145. 23 May, 2018. Web.
  • Speed Dating”.
    • 101 Words Short Stories. 13 June, 2018. Web. Read it here.
    • Flash Me Fiction Magazine. Volume 5 Issue 20. 30 April, 2008. Web.
  • Textual Harassment”. Flash Me Fiction Magazine. Volume 7 Issue 28. 30 April 2010. Web.


  • Crowdfunding Your Novel”. Writers Reign Magazine. April, 2016. Web.
  • Central America”. Which Travel. January 2013. Print.
  • The British Abroad”. Freelance Informer. Vol 5. No 7. Print.
  • The Gudgeon (monthly column)


  • Connor and his Amazing Ejector Boots”
    • Nominated for the 2020 Pushcart Prize
    • Retreat West Flash Fiction Prize 2018. Highly commended.
  • The Beast”. British Fantasy Society Short Story Awards 2017. Highly commended.
  • Early Days”. Carers UK’s Creative Writing and Photography Competition 2017. Highly commended in the short story category.
  • Kumi’s Cake”
    • Brick Lane Short Story Prize 2020. Top 50.
    • Bridport Prize 2020 International Short Story Competition. Shortlisted.
    • CRAFT Short Fiction prize 2020. Second stage.
  • The Therapist”. 2015 Carers UK Creative Writing Competition. Third place prize winner.
  • The Money Launderer’s Box Of Rubbish”. Real Writer 2005 Short Story Awards. Winner of Southern Section.


“Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s of the last century (oh, that feels bad) I drew cartoons for a magazine called the Freelance Informer six panel cartoons and five strip cartoons. This was a time when ‘cutting and pasting’ meant exactly that (I still have my scalpel). This was never going to be a career because I can’t draw. But I liked them.” James Ellis.

The cartoons appeared in the following editions:

  • Volume 5 numbers 8, 11, 12, 14 and 15
  • Volume 6 numbers 18, 23 and 24
  • Volume 7 numbers 8 and 13
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