Content design

James is a content designer, editor and writer. His company, James Author Ellis Ltd, is an authorised direct supplier of content for the Borough of Broxbourne Council and its affiliated websites.

He is an advocate of Plain English standards, the GOV.UK Digital System (GDS) and its style guide. His writing portfolio includes:

  • creating, evaluating, updating and reviewing written web content
  • writing and mapping user stories
  • content and navigation design for all stages of end-to-end user journeys
  • writing guidelines and tone-of-voice principles
  • accessibility and reading age assessments
  • stakeholder management

James uses iterative and agile methodologies, supported by tools such as Information Mapping®, Teams, Jira and Kanban Boards, as well as content management systems such as Jadu, WordPress and GatherContent. He recently designed and wrote the content for:

James also writes and edits commercial tenders, business summaries and location assets such as posters, pamphlets and leaflets. In the past he:

  • wrote business responses for UK and Australian government tenders
  • designed the information architecture for retail and transport B2B services
  • provided information consultancy for NGO and public sector intranets
  • designed the user interface for online banking products
  • was one of the first cohort of writers to develop information on an HTTP server using HTML
  • wrote and edited the documentation for packet assemblers/disassemblers products (the backbone of the internet) and the SAS aircraft handling guides

You can find more information about James’s writing skills and experience by viewing his LinkedIn profile or by sending him a message.

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