Remember Remember…

With Bonfire Night just around the corner – well, in a few days, I don’t think time goes round corners does it, or does it? Tricky thing time. I remember when I was young the summers seemed – anyway, yes, as I was saying, with Bonfire Night just around the corner and An Other’s Look at 85% and just needing an extra pledge or two, I thought I’d put out this seasonal video.  Hope you like it.

Remember Remember Video.

Running up that hill


An Other’s Look is now 75% funded. If we were on the London-to-Brighton bike ride we would now be seeing signs for Ditchling Beacon… which means the last push will be hard and I might fall off.

So with just 25% to go I need some help to get this book over the hill and down to the finish line.  If you’ve been thinking of supporting An Other’s Look but haven’t, then please do. If you know someone who might like An Other’s Look, please send them a link to my Unbound page. If you are a mysterious wealthy benefactor or a hitherto unknown distant relative with pots of money or Dr Evil looking for a way to atone for your past misdemeanours, or you just can’t bear these messages any more, then please give me a push.

It’s been a journey. I’ve approached everybody I know to the point that I am best avoided. I’ve handed out so many leaflets that people now give them to me. I’ve emailed, messaged, tweeted, and posted to the extent that I’ve become more virtual than real. I’ve given talks, readings, been on the radio, made videos, written articles, clung to people’s ankles – and 103 fabulously wonderfully generous supporters have pitched in.

But this last hill still looks awfully steep.

To support An Other’s Look please click here.



The Wrong Story reviews

The Wrong Story has been out in the world for a year now and it has attracted a number of reviews. I thought I’d list a few here (good and bad).


IMG_8374I had a great day today. Helen Ottaway, Karen Stewart and Sheila Hedges invited me to their On-Air Book Group and gave me the platform to discuss An Other’s Look and crowdfunding in general – and they gave a big shout-out for where to pledge. It was so enjoyable and I will definitely be listening to their book group next month.  Thanks to everyone at Frome FM for making me very welcome.

FromeFM is a Frome based non-profit community radio station run by Frome Community Productions CIC. Produced by over 100 members, it broadcasts new programmes every month online and on 96.6FM. FromeFM provides niche music programmes; Frome focussed debates and reportage; sustained support for and coverage of the work of community groups; and radio for children.

It’s just great.