Picture 006James spent seventeen years working for an outsourcing company during which time he undertook a variety of roles: managing consultant, information architect for internet start-ups, emerging  technology practice manager, solution designer, project and programme manager, bid writer, business development manager and solution director. Also during this time, James was the business process solution executive for telehealth and coordinated healthcare offerings, and for seven years he was the executive programme director on the visa application outsourcing programme for the UK Visa and Immigration agency (formerly UKBA) and the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). 

Prior to this, James was in one of the first cohort of writers to develop information using hypertext markup language (HTML). He worked as a consultant designing information architectures for public, private and NGO web sites; a user-experience designer for a retail banking platform; and a technical author writing instruction manuals for harbour and airport radar installations, aircraft handling processes and packet assemblers/disassemblers. In the very distant (and dim) past he shovelled wet concrete for a paving slab manufacturer; drove a 7.5 tonne tipper truck (badly); worked as an auxiliary nurse in a geriatric unit; (briefly) trained as a sports reporter for a local newspaper; and worked in the R&D department of a Lloyds underwriting agency.

None of these jobs, with the possible exception of driving a tipper truck, ever matched being a writer. In December 2016, James gave up all such distractions to focus full-time on his writing.