Real world experience

James is currently writing the content for a Government-related services website.

From 1999 to 2016 he worked for an outsourcing company called CSC Computer Science. He joined as a principal consultant specialising in information design before going on to manage CSC’s emerging technology practice. He then joined the company’s new business team as a solution manager and proposal writer. He worked on a number of customer pursuits including those for the NHS, the MOD, the Home Office, FCO, BAE and the BBC. He later took on the role of business process outsourcing (BPO) solution designer for telehealth and coordinated healthcare new business pursuits.

For seven years James was CSC’s solution and programme director for the overseas visa application programme. He worked with senior stakeholders in the UK, Australian and some Schengen governments. He was directly responsible for the in-country set up of visa application centres in the Americas, Western Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, including Iraq. He was subsequently responsible for providing BPO proposals for all CSC’s visa-related public sector bids.

Prior to CSC, James worked as an information consultant designing information architectures for public, private and NGO web sites; a user-experience designer for a retail banking platform; and a technical author writing instruction manuals for harbour and airport radar installations, aircraft handling processes and packet assemblers/disassemblers. He was in the early cohort of writers who developed information using hypertext markup language (HTML).

Looking into the very distant (and dim) past: James shovelled wet concrete for a paving slab manufacturer; drove a 7.5 tonne tipper truck (badly); worked as an auxiliary nurse in a geriatric unit; briefly edited sports reports for a local newspaper; and was the user-liaison clerk for a Lloyds underwriting agency.

Happy daze.